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Who we are / The Alexander Lowen Foundation is dedicated to preserving and expanding the work of Alexander Lowen, M.D. and Bioenergetic Analysis

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Happy Independence Day!

The following is an excerpt from a recent essay by Frederic Lowen

"Joy and happiness, being easy-going and feeling good with a sense of peace and contentment, security, and freedom is rare, even non-existent for many people these days. I believe it becomes less and less with time. Especially so since the Covid pandemic exposed more clearly than before, the dysfunctions in our lives."

Read an excerpt from The G Spot by Alice K. Ladas


"In 1975, at a conference organized by the Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis, women met separately from their male colleagues for the first time. It occurred to some that in all their years of personal and supervisory therapy with men they had never dealt clearly with their feelings about being with women."

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