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We Believe

WE BELIEVE that the world is in need of healing physically, psychologically, spiritually, and environmentally.


It is in need of Bioenergetics.

WE KNOW it is reflective of a split in the unity of the mind and the body. It is widespread, pervasive, and largely unrecognized. It is the Mind-Body Split, and it is fundamental to individual psychological disorder and societal dysfunction.

WE SEE an exponential increase in dysfunction, stress, anxiety, and breakdown in individual lives and in societies as a whole. We see splits and disconnects between countries, within communities, families, institutions, and people

of different color, background, education, and ideology.

WE WORK towards healing the Mind-Body Split because it is vital for any meaningful change to occur. With the legacy of Alexander Lowen, M.D., Bioenergetic Analysis, and the work of Wilhelm Reich, The Alexander Lowen Foundation is uniquely equipped and focused on healing the Mind-Body Split.

We are committed to doing so in the following ways:

  • By raising consciousness about the nature of the Mind-Body Split and its effects. Only by becoming aware of it, understanding it, and recognizing it can we move forward towards healing it.

  • By extending our focus beyond the psychotherapeutic field to demonstrate how the Mind-Body Split affects all aspects of modern life. 

  • By recognizing energy and energetic processes as the core principles towards understanding life. Although life energy cannot be scientifically validated, it is fundamental to all life processes.

  • By continuing to develop the Bioenergetic work of Alexander Lowen and Wilhelm Reich. 

Read more about these topics from our executive director, Frederic Lowen

Watch Alexander Lowen, M.D. talk about the Mind-Body Split

Please Support The Alexander Lowen Foundation with a contribution of any size

People from around the world, like you, make it possible to continue the work of Alexander Lowen, M.D. and expand the research into the Mind-Body Split.

We need your support in this time of dysfunction and breakdown around the world. Every contribution is essentially valuable for the Foundation’s role in helping heal the Mind-Body Split and bringing Lowen’s work to more people around the world. 

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