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Coming soon!  An Introduction to Bioenergetics Online Course *



Coming Soon!


For professionals and individuals interested to learn Bioenergetics as developed by Alexander Lowen, M.D.​

  • Designed for therapists and individuals interested to integrate Bioenergetics, somatic psychology, and body-psychotherapy into their practice or personal life.​

  • Covering a wide range of topics, including Bioenergetics' basic bodywork principles of Breathing/Grounding/ Vibration; Lowen's classic approach of Self-Awareness/Self-Expressions/Self Possession; characterology, diagnostics, and treatment.

  • This is particularly valuable for those inspired by the Lowen books. Reference to the books can be useful and helpful during the courses.

For psychotherapists seeking guidance and support


These consultations for professionals will focus on using principles, concepts, and techniques of classic Bioenergetics as developed and practiced by Alexander Lowen, M.D., including guidance in:

  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment

  • Characterology

  • Bodywork

* Coming Soon!  

Intro to Bioenergetics Online Course 


This 10-session course provides a general overview of Alexander Lowen’s approach to Bioenergetics Therapy.


The course will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Bioenergetics' basic bodywork 

  • Breathing/Grounding/Vibration

  • Energy and energetic processes

  • Characterology

  • Diagnostics and treatment in therapy​


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* The course will include both didactic discussion and experiential activities. 

* Reading assignments are an essential component of this course. 

* This course is intended for self learning and development. 

100% of the proceeds go towards supporting the foundation 

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