Support the Foundation

The Alexander Lowen Foundation is dedicated to preserving and furthering Dr. Alexander Lowen's groundbreaking work and legacy.


We rely on private donations and need strong community support! We invite you to read an appeal from our executive director.


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Your contributions help us bring Bioenergetics and Body-Psychotherapy to the world by creating and maintaining various projects including:


  • Archiving Dr. Lowen's published and unpublished writings, personal files, photos, and videos - the process of conversion, digitization and development of this large amount of materials is expensive both in time and money.   

  • Publishing Dr. Lowen's books in print and as eBooks in over 15 languages.

  • Collaborating in experiential body-oriented workshops worldwide.

  • Producing, sponsoring, and highlighting research, events, and publications for and by local
    and international Bioenergetic communities.

If you value Lowen's legacy, donate to The Alexander Lowen Foundation! To make a secure online donation using your credit card or Paypal account, please click below and follow the instructions: