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The Center of Bioenergetic Analysis

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Who we are / The Alexander Lowen Foundation is dedicated to preserving and expanding the work of Alexander Lowen, M.D. and Bioenergetic Analysis

Current Highlights

The Lowen Book Club

We are proud to announce The Lowen Book Club, celebrating Alexander Lowen's 14 formative original title books that helped shape the psychotherapeutic world over the past 70 years. They were groundbreaking in their vision and scope when they were first published and they remain relevant, important, and state-of-the-art for this 21st Century.


Read an excerpt from The G Spot by Alice K. Ladas

"In 1975, at a conference organized by the Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis, women met separately from their male colleagues for the first time. It occurred to some that in all their years of personal and supervisory therapy with men they had never dealt clearly with their feelings about being with women."

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