Living with Anxiety
Body-Psychotherapy Process Group

**Update: May group is full. New group to open in October 2022**
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One of the main ways to alleviate anxiety is by increasing body-awareness and strengthening the mind-body connection. For this, we will practice Bioenergetic exercises and other techniques to deepen our breathing and strengthen our grounding.

This group is for people who want a safe, judgment-free space to share and experience themselves, to better understand their anxiety, and to explore ways to deal with it as part of their process of self-discovery and self-development. 

For more information

and to schedule a pre-group session

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please contact Yaniv Gafner:

or +972-54-246-1010.​​

We will be up to 8 people of all sexes and genders. We will meet via Zoom for 90-minute sessions over a period of 12 weeks on Sundays at 1:00pm New York / 6:00pm UK / 8:00pm Tel Aviv.


The fee is $500 for 12 sessions to be paid as a contribution to The Alexander Lowen Foundation. Payment plans available.

Participants Sharing

"I enjoyed learning some of the basic exercises and noticing how they affected me during & after. They will be useful tools going forward. The times when Yaniv spent time counselling us as individuals was very powerful, it was tremendously helpful.  

Caroline, UK

"It was wonderful to connect with such a disparate group of strangers from around the world. I was very moved by our relatedness and openness. The in-depth individual processes were the most powerful part of the group for me. I feel like I got as much healing out of other's work as my own. Thank you for everything!"

- Cate, USA

"I had not many expectations before starting the group. Initially I just wanted to connect with people who also have dealt with anxiety and working together to heal. Once allowed to show my vulnerable side, the group became very important to open another door."

- Viviane, USA

About the Facilitator

Yaniv Gafner is a Certified Biosynthesis Psychotherapist. He was a patient of Alexander Lowen, M.D. and integrates the Bioenergetic approach into his clinical work. Yaniv specializes in alleviating anxiety and depression using bioenergetic exercises, mindfulness, and other tools. Working with members of the LGBTQ+ community, he offers sexual orientation and gender sensitive therapy. Yaniv independently published the Hebrew translation of Lowen’s book Joy and has a private practice in Israel and online.

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