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Alexander Lowen provides a unique perspective about the nature of spirituality. Lowen views the body as the outer manifestation of the spirit and defines grace as the divine spirit acting within the body. For the healthy individual the divine spirit is experienced as the natural gracefulness of the body and is reflected in the person’s behavior.

In a healthy body, movement, feeling, and thinking are integrated in grace and harmony. This book includes body-psychotherapy techniques and exercises aimed at alleviating muscular and physical tension to and restoring the body’s natural grace. This spiritual grace involves a sense of connectedness to a higher order. In this state of grace we feel a kinship with all living creatures, and recognize experience our connection to our environment and to the world.

The Spirituality of the Body - eBook

  • The following eBook formats are included:

    The Spirituality of the Body.azw3

    The Spirituality of the Body.epub

    The Spirituality of the

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