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This is the first publication in a single volume of Alexander Lowen’s public lectures known as “The Lowen Monographs.” This historical collection of twenty-two lectures by one of the founders of contemporary body-psychotherapy embodies the groundbreaking principles of Bioenergetics and Bioenergertic Analysis.

Presented between 1962 and 1982, these lectures document the depth and breadth of Lowen’s work not otherwise published. Poignant and relevant to the challenges of today’s world, the topics include: Stress and Illness; Breathing, Movement and Feeling; Thinking and Feeling; Sex and Personality; Aggression and the Violence in the Individual; and Psychopathic Behavior.

The Voice of the Body - eBook

  • The following eBook formats are included:

    The Voice of the Body.azw3

    The Voice of the Body.epub

    The Voice of the

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