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Alexander Lowen in Brazil 1989

- An Excerpt 

This edited excerpt was recorded during Alexander Lowen, M.D.'s first visit to Brazil in 1989. This  90-minute lecture covers Lowen's theory and practice from his training with Wilhelm Reich through the development of Bioenergetic Analysis as a form of therapy. Lowen also presents the principles of his approach to physical and psychological health, energy, and spirituality. 


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Dr. Alexander Lowen and Dr. Stephen Sinatra on sex and the health of the heart

In this 30 minute conversation with Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Holly Hatch, director of behavioral services at The New England Heart Center, Dr. Alexander Lowen discusses the importance of sex and love in preventing heart disease and other health problems.


To purchase the book and ebook Love, Sex, and Your Heart by Alexander Lowen, M.D. visit our Foundation store

An Interview with Filmmaker

Kevin Hinchey

Frederic Lowen's interview with Kevin Hinchey about psychiatrist, research physician & scientist, Wilhelm Reich and the importance of this Kickstarter campaign to fund a factual documentary film about Reich's life and work.


This project was successfully funded through the Kickstarter campaign thanks to hundreds of supporters from around the world. We congratulate The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust and look forward to the film!

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