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The Energetics of Bioenergetics

The Energetics of Bioenergetics is a rare 91 minute film featuring Alexander Lowen, M.D. in his own words as he presents and demonstrates the fundamental principles and exercises of Bioenergetics in 1998. This film is available for purchase at our Foundation's store. 

Length: 5:37


Closed Captions available in English, Hebrew, and Italian

Lowen Memorial DVD

When Alexander Lowen, M.D. passed away in 2008, the response was overwhelming with contributions of photos and videos from all over the world.

This DVD is a compilation of those contributions and was produced as a tribute to Lowen, the founder of Bioenergetics. It is available for purchase at our Foundation store.

Length: 5:30


Closed Captions Available in English & Russian

Bioenergetics & Ecology

Alexander Lowen, M.D. explains how the way we treat our body is similar to the way we treat our environment! This clip is from a training workshop Lowen held at Satori, CA in 1971.

Length: 2:26


Closed Captions Available in English, Italian,  Portuguese, Russian, and Polish

The Insanity of Our Culture

Alexander Lowen, M.D. speaks about our head-oriented culture and the way losing contact with the body leads to insanity. This clip is from The Energetics of Bioenergetics DVD, which is available for purchase at our Foundation store.

Length: 0:45

Closed Captions Available in English, Greek, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese

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